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Insight trends and opportunity finding

Provide in-depth understanding of consumers and foresight into future trends that are rooted in qualitative research, in combination with quantitative research and big data. Through a comprehensive fusion analysis, identify areas and directions for innovation and business.

Brand and Business Innovation Strategy

Transform insight into strategy and action plan, focus on implementability, impact, and business effectiveness.

Youth Leaders Connection and Co-Creation

A community of 600+ young cultural leaders - “Mushroom Planet” can connect, collaborate, co-create with brands to help solve marketing challenges.

Case Studies

Together with our clients, we pursue and implement forward-thinking
ideas, actionable creativity, and deepen the connections with consumers in different industries.

What kind of brands will win in the future?

The future belongs to brands with defined values and strong creativity to fulfill their missions. These brands connect with others in their ecosystem to release their impact. We call this the “cultural power” of brands, which is made up of ideas, creativity and connections. We believe that "cultural power" will be the core competency of brands.

Youth Driven Change

For 10+ years, China Youthology has its roots deep within the Chinese youth community. With a firm belief in youth driven change, China Youthology helps brands walk alongside youth and to win with trends.

Redefine Value

Through developing brand cultural power with holistic, in-depth, and forward-thinking insights, China Youthology foresees consumer values and help business discover innovation opportunities.

Express Value

Through consistent tracking of consumer lifestyles and cultural trends, China Youthology help brands organically integrate into consumers' life and cultural scenes to accurately convey value.

Deliver Value

Through effective connections with youth leaders, China Youthology provides brands with co-creation strategies, resources, and help guide the process of co-building value with youth.

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